Entrance Fee / per person : 8,000 yen
Meal Fee / per person: 1,000 yen

Starting Novenber 1st,all customers who pay by credit card on line get 500yen off per ticket!

Reservations are first come first serve bases.
If all of our seats are full, we will not be able to reserve you a seat.
There may be cases when the shows are delayed.
Store payment
□ Please come to the restaurant 30 minutes before the show.
□ Being late without noticing us will result in cancellation of your reservation.
□ Cancellation fees might be charged in case of cancellation or decreased number of reserved guests after 3 p.m. on the day.
□ We will not be able to fulfill requests of changes in number of guest right before the show.

Credit card
□ The credit card settlement will be completed simultaneously when you make the reservation.
□ There is no refund.

□ You cannot change the reservation date.
□ There is the case that a performance becomes cancel or change without a prior notice.
In the case of cancellation, it should be repayment.
□ Please come to the restaurant 30 minutes before the show.
□ We have a dress code (the entry restrictions). Please check them on the website.

Precaution for Young Children
□ The show makes use of loud sounds and music which may be uncomfortable for small children.
□ The show also includes the use of bright flashing lights which may result in feeling ill in some cases.

■ Call for Reservations ■
Call for Reservations
Phone hours [ 9:00am-10:00pm ]
Business hours [ 6:00pm-11:00 pm ]

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